United Kingdom

There have been a few very exciting developments for South African entrepreneurs wanting to secure permanent residency in the United Kingdom, through the innovator/startup visas.

The introduction of tiered incubation support through the Innovator Advance Programme, now means that it is an option for very experienced entrepreneurs developing their own business ideas, less experienced entrepreneurs wanting to further develop an existing enterprise in the UK, and even graduates wanting to kickstart their startup journey in the UK.

Innovator Visa

To qualify entrepreneurs are required to have some related experience, a degree of innovative business thinking, and we recommend a minimum of GBP 200,000 to invest in launching your business in the UK

Start-up Visa

– Via Entrepreneur Experience Programme

This is a great opportunity for graduates with a great idea, to participate in an intensive 12-week programme, that will give help you develop your business model, fine tune your skills and give you all practical support required to launch their start-up business in the UK. The cost of the 12-week programme is GBP 25,000 and there's no minimum investment required to launch your start-up. The applicant will have 2 years to get their startup off the ground and then transition onto the innovator visa.


• Launch your business in one of the world’s most innovative countries, the UK ranked 4th in the Global Innovation Index

• One of the lowest-cost options for securing permanent residency in Europe

• Spouses and dependent children can be included

• Accompanying spouses have full rights to work in the UK

• Secure “ indefinite leave to remain’ or ‘ILR’ through this visa route after just 3 years, and family members are eligible after 5 years.

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