European Union

For many of our clients with families, securing an EU passport that will allow their children to live and work throughout the European Union is a key priority.

Many of the EU countries have residency and citizenship by investment programmes, but each has very different requirements and very different benefits. This is when the fine print and small details become extremely important.

I believe in partnering with experienced immigration attorneys and solicitors that are licensed with their relevant law societies, in their particular jurisdiction. For the EU programmes, I have partnered with a firm with offices in  MaltaCyprusLondonZurich and Hong Kong. Not only are they licensed for each of the programmes, but they also have a wealth of experience, an outstanding track record and a very unique approach to customer service. Many of their staff are foreigners and able to offer our clients firsthand and honest advice, based on their own experiences.

For the EU programmes, it is very important to take note of which are residency programmes (EU residency card), and which are citizenship programmes (EU passports). Residency requirements and language requirements are also very important to take note of. Please note that not all residency programmes allow you to take up employment, even if you have secured residency.


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