Canada is another country that interests many of my clients. There are several different programmes available.

Many of these programmes are too restrictive, too unpredictable and offer too little real benefit for me to be comfortable recommending them to my clients. I only deal with the Canadian Start-up Visa Programme. It is a fantastic option for innovative entrepreneurs to secure permanent residency in Canada, with the safety net of launching their start-up within a formal incubation structure. It is a good option for families or single applicants.

This programme is only suitable for active entrepreneurs, with an innovative business idea. They need to be ready to relocate to Canada and be willing to invest both their time and their resources in their new start-up venture. 

All start-up businesses are required by the Canadian immigration regulations, to go through a formal 2 -year incubation programme. The programme will enable them to progress their start-up from idea to an operational business, as well as support them as they get to know the business landscape in Canada.  We have partnered with one of the most experienced of the government-recognised start-up companies. They have many years of international experience, with programmes running in Canada, France, Portugal and Asia. They have secure permanent residency for 250 of the start-up applicants, and a fantastic track record of success business emerging from their start-up programme. Please note that more than one applicant can apply based on a single start-up venture.

The cost of participating in the incubation programme is around CAD 230,000. The cost includes estimates for the legal and processing fees, as well as the basic expenses of incorporating the business in Canada.

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