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Employment Based Visas

United States of America - Individuals

Speciality occupation visas

  • Professional with an exceptional ability (EB2)
    If you are a professional with at least a Master’s degree or equivalent qualification, more than 5 years working experience in your field and already have an offer of employment in the USA, this may be the right visa for you.
  • Skilled worker and professional (EB3)
    If you are a skilled worker, with at least 2 years of working experience in your field, already have an offer of employment in the USA, and your employer has a labour certificate, demonstrating that they have been unable to recruit an American citizen for the role. You may qualify for a EB3 visa.

Treaty trade visas (E-1)

If you are from a country that has treaty agreements with the USA, and wish to carry out trade, in the form of goods and services, primarily between the United States of America and the treaty country, then you may quality for a treaty trade visa. This visa category is well suited to employees of multi-national companies that have treaty agreements with the United States of America.

Intra-company transferee (L-1)

If you have been employed at an executive and management level with company and it has a branch or the company wishes to open a branch in the United States of America, then this may very well be the right visa for you. This visa would enable you to work in the USA for up to 7 years and offers a transition path to possibly qualify for a green card.