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Letter of Demand & High Court Applications

South Africa - Individuals

The reality of backlogs and slow turnaround times with immigration applications at the Department of Home Affairs, often results in applicants being left in limbo, while their South African immigration application is being processed.

South African law and the constitution makes provision for South African citizens and foreigners to have hold South African government departments accountable for delivering to their mandates within reasonable time-frames. If you have been waiting for an outcome on your application for an unreasonable time, in the case of a permanent residency application, more than 12 months, our legal team can assist you as an individual to compel the Department of Home Affairs to issue an outcome in respect of your application. The first step would be to issue a Letter of Demand. Should this fail, we can assist you to launch a High Court Application against the Department of Home Affairs.

Please get in touch with us to find out more than about how you what legal options may be available for you.